Politics in America and the Church in Iran

Mark Howard | November 7, 2016

There’s no doubt these are politically tense days in the United States. Between the various policies put forth to address immigration, ISIS, foreign policy, health care, and the economy, it seems everyone on both sides of the aisle can find good reasons to be unnerved.

My work with the church in Iran has taught me that politics and policies can certainly have significant ramifications for the church. The rise of the Islamic regime led to a ban on Persian Bibles, the ousting of Christian missionaries, and evangelism becoming illegal. Many above-ground churches were shut down and several pastors killed for their unwillingness to submit to the government’s prohibition on Christian ministry.

The suffering of believers in Iran continues to this day. Many of my Iranian coworkers have spent time in prison for their faith. Some have lost homes, jobs, and economic security. Others have been forced to leave their homeland to live as refugees. I’ve seen how government persecution can pull apart families and leave lasting emotional scars.


Governments can make living out our faith costly and dangerous. But my Iranian brothers and sisters have impressed on me a deeper truth: Though politics are important, they cannot thwart God’s purposes. 

Politics Can’t Stop God

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