Preacher’s Toolkit: How Should I Preach Ecclesiastes?

Zack Eswine | August 24, 2017

Every preacher has to open the Scriptures and account for how we got from “In the beginning, God” (the Bible’s opening words) to “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all” (its closing words).

Otherwise, we are like those who read the title The Three Musketeers and dive headlong into the middle of the story. The fact that The Three Musketeers tells a story about four will confuse us unless we go back, read the beginning, and stay attentive until the end.

Six Hints

Ecclesiastes situates us long after the start and long before the end of the story. Taken by itself, it can seem an odd book. So how are we to preach it? 

Hopefully, these six hints can get you started.

1. Ecclesiastes describes life after Eden and before heaven.

It’s as if a man who fled from home before an invasion, and years later returned to its ruins, is crying out to us. He knows what Eden was. And he now sees it as it is—the broken shell of its former glory.

Ecclesiastes shines like a lighthouse back into the Old Testament waters of broken patriarchs and sinful kings. It pulses forward into a first-century world that…

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