The Age of Acceptable Lies

Mike Cosper | November 8, 2016

A few weeks ago, writer/blogger/conference speaker/reality TV star Jen Hatmaker announced her support for gay marriage and LGBT inclusion in the church. Facebook and Twitter exploded with the rejoicing/lamenting fervor one might expect from Christians at such a statement.

Nothing new is happening here, of course. Hatmaker is yet another Christian who has sided with the cultural momentum around LGBT issues. The arguments remain largely unchanged. Those who hold orthodox views on marriage cite the Scriptures and the witness of the church, whose views have held steady for 2,000 years. Those who advocate for gay marriage fall into two categories: those who argue the problem is with Scripture—i.e., the Bible is not divinely inspired and authoritative—and those who argue the problem is “interpretation.”

With the former, the lines are clear. Orthodox Christians and advocates for inclusion simply have different presuppositions, and the debates center around the authority of Scripture and questions of common good, human flourishing, and natural law. That said, making a specifically Christian argument is unlikely to sway those who don’t believe the Bible has any real authority.


But with those who argue the problem is one of interpretation, things get more difficult. For these advocates, the Bible doesn’t…

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