The Dadly Virtues

Timothy Kleiser | June 20, 2015

What do you get when you assemble an all-star cast of writers who have collectively experienced the many terrors and triumphs of fatherhood and have lived to write about it? You end up with The Dadly Virtues: Adventures From the Worst Job You’ll Ever Love.

As the subtitle suggests, this book is a tongue-in-cheek portrait of the gory glory of fatherhood, containing plenty of side-splitting anecdotes and cultural critique with a dash of philosophical profundity. The editor, Jonathan Last, likens the book to “something of a Swiss army knife: part instructional guide, part meditation, part war journal” (4).

Fraternity of Fatherhood

The book is arranged chronologically to feature the natural progression of fatherhood, starting with childbirth and ending with reflections on being a grandfather. Along the way, the various contributors share their personal experiences with some essential phases of fatherhood: school, entertainment, pets, discipline, dating, college, and so on. The contributors include various writers, actors, and talk show personalities such as Christopher Caldwell, Tucker Carlson, Joseph Epstein, Stephen Hayes, and Larry Miller, and P. J. O’Rourke. With the exception of Rob Long, each belongs to the rugged fraternity of fatherhood.

Last, a senior writer at The Weekly Standard

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