The Hypocrisy of Phariseephobia

Jay Harrison | June 28, 2017

“People may say that sin is sin, but homosexuality—that’s different. Homosexuality is worse than all the others.”

My face fell as she said it. Having struggled with homosexuality ever since puberty, I bit my lip as I entertained the thought of being “harder to forgive.” I knew I was saved by God’s grace. I knew I’d been forgiven of my past and given grace to live in obedience. But I was still hurt. Why did this person believe so firmly that the sins I struggle with are worse than anyone else’s? All of us are fallen in our sexuality; none of us is perfect.

This person seemed to have compassion on everyone she met—that is, everyone who wasn’t gay. This made me angry, but it gradually dawned on me: Because she thought of me as the worst person, I’d begun thinking of her as the worst person. 

I was being a hypocrite.

Judging the Judgy

I too had compassion on everyone—that is, everyone who wasn’t like her. I was condemning those who condemned me, those who insisted non-heterosexual people are in a sense “worse sinners” and ought to be generally avoided. Sadly, I encountered this thinking a lot in the circles I grew up in…

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