The Sanctification Spiral

| December 30, 2014

Some reading this article may be familiar with a method of teaching math called spiraling. As a math teacher, I never used that method in the classroom, but I did once tutor a student using that approach. At first, he and I were both frustrated. His book presented one concept in the first few pages. Then it went immediately onto another concept. But he hadn't mastered the first, and we were frustrated that the text moved on so quickly. Then, after the first few pages, the book spiraled back to review the first concept. A few pages later, it both reviewed that first concept and expanded on it. The text spiraled, coming back again and again to previously presented concepts, fleshing them out each time a little more. After two weeks of tutoring, my student was no longer frustrated, and it wasn't because I was a great math teacher. He was getting the concepts from the book on his own. The spiraling approach that had initially frustrated him was now key to his understanding of mathematics.

I have found that God uses a similar spiraling approach in my life. He teaches me something, but then quickly moves me on to

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