The Spiritual Gift You Don’t Notice Until It’s Gone

Trent Hunter | May 17, 2016

An orchestra without a conductor, a building site without an architect’s plans, and an airfield without an air-traffic controller. That’s the church without administration.

If thorns are the stuff of work in a fallen world, thornbushes are the stuff of teamwork. That’s why God’s Spirit has given to some the gift of administration (1 Cor. 12:28)—a gift hard to appreciate until you’re on a team, in a meeting, or at an event without it; a gift that allows people to work together in happy, coordinated, and fruitful ways; a spiritual gift of grace for spiritual works of grace made possible by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whether you’re an administrative assistant, a VBS director, an executive pastor—or a pastor of any kind, for that matter—you know administration isn’t as easy as it may appear. From broken printers to broken people, administration is hard and often thankless work. But it’s important work—very important work! In the context of the local church, administration frees Word workers for their assignment and creates vehicles for the Word to spread (Acts 6:1–7; Rom. 16:1–2; Titus 1:5).

So, if God’s Spirit has given you this gift, give yourself to God’s people.

If administration feels uninspiring, here are six images…

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