The Word Made Flesh: Ligonier’s New Statement on Christology

R.C. Sproul | February 29, 2016

As Christians, we go by the name of Christ. He is our identity. We are ultimately defined not by our talents and background, as important as these may be, but by the fact that we are in Christ by faith. The person and work of our Savior establishes the entire scope of our salvation. He is the strong tower in which we receive shelter from the wrath of God, and he will restore all things under the reign of our Creator.

From the beginning of the Christian church, Christians have confessed an inseparable relationship between who Christ is and what Christ does. Who he is informs our understanding of his work, and what he does sheds light upon our understanding of his person. Consequently, any assault on the church’s understanding of the person or work of Christ affects the church’s understanding of Christ’s entire identity. Every controversy related to our salvation and what it means to be in Christ brings us face-to-face with our understanding of this identity, for our understanding of his person and work will determine the whole scope of our theology and practice. This theology deeply affects our lives, for it touches on our very hope of…

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