Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom

Eric Teetsel | August 14, 2015

When ThinkProgress blogger Zack Ford first published his review of Ryan Anderson’s new book, it bore the headline, “The Feeble Arguments Made by One of Marriage Equality’s Last Remaining Opponents.” That title has since been changed. It may have been too honest.

Not honest about Anderson’s work, which may fairly have been described with a thousand adjectives, none of which is “feeble.” And not honest about the number of us who understand what marriage actually is. Maybe ThinkProgress could sponsor a field trip to any of the dozens of states or 175 foreign nations that haven’t chosen to redefine marriage.

The headline epitomized with such brazen authenticity the hubris of the LGBT movement. Having successfully wrought one of the most significant reformations of cultural mores in history, liberal activists have moved ahead with an ironic agenda that threatens liberalism itself.

All-Inclusive Resource 

Anderson, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, offers in Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom an all-inclusive resource for pastors, politicians, and anyone else seeking to understand the current state of marriage and religious liberty, and to prepare for what’s ahead. The first three chapters argue—on the basis of philosophy, social science, and constitutional law—that marriage is the union of man and…

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