Unbroken: Long on Resilience, Short on Redemption

| December 29, 2014

What if the story of Joseph stopped with Genesis 44? You would read all about Joseph’s unjust treatment at the hands of his jealous brothers. You would learn of his eventual arrival in Egypt as a slave, of his ultimate arrest and betrayal at the hands of Potiphar’s wife and two of Pharaoh’s workers. You would think Joseph showed a lot of grit and survived all that terrible stuff.

But what if the reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers was missing? What if there was no glorious and dramatic scene of Joseph forgiving his brothers through tears? How would we interpret the story if it were missing one of the Old Testament’s most glorious phrases: “What you intended for evil, God intended for good”?

We would leave the story of Joseph thinking, Wow, that Joseph is one resilient, tough guy. We might even be tempted to think along with Pelagius and his theological ancestors, The human spirit can be strong and indomitable sometimes.  

Or what if the Bible gave us the four Gospels, but not the epistles or other New Testament writings? We’d know about Jesus’s claims, his person, his work on the cross. We’d know about…

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