We Cannot Be Silent

Richard Phillips | October 26, 2015

At the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus contrasts the fate of those who build on solid rock with those who build on shifting sand. Of those who build on the latter, he foretells of a great fall (Matt. 7:27).

We currently find ourselves living in a cultural house built on a foundation of sand. This situation casts many challenges, not the least of which is finding solid footing for Christian witness and cultural engagement. Central to our current cultural situation is the ongoing sexual revolution represented by same-sex marriage and transgenderism. For Christians seeking to stand on solid ground and to respond to these challenges, R. Albert Mohler’s new book, We Cannot Be Silent: Speaking Truth to a Culture Redefining Sex, Marriage, and the Very Meaning of Right and Wrong, is an essential resource.

Urgent Plea 

We Cannot Be Silent portrays all the strengths of Mohler’s ministry. It is intellectually accessible, theologically sound, culturally informed, and strategically compelling.

The book’s title reflects his central thesis, as well as part of his explanation for how America got itself into its current cultural crisis. Chronicling how marriage was critically undermined over several generations through birth control, no-fault divorce, and cohabitation…

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