What If the Point of Infertility Wasn’t a Child?

Maralee Bradley | August 29, 2017

Over the last 10 years I’ve been pregnant four times and given birth to two biological children. The label “infertile” doesn’t seem to fit me the way it once did. I sometimes jokingly refer to myself as “intermittently fertile” because apparently that’s how things work for us.

But I remember the day a doctor looked over my lab results and told me pregnancy would be difficult (if not impossible) without major medical intervention—interventions we couldn’t afford and didn’t feel ethically comfortable with.

In the early days of our infertility diagnosis I wanted to know what the point of it was. I knew God loved me and could use suffering for my good, but this felt like a massive and cruel time-out for a crime I didn’t recall committing. I wanted God to tell me what I did wrong so I could fix it.

I wanted a happy ending, too. I wanted a story that would make perfect sense in hindsight. I would sit in my infertility time-out, learn my lesson, and then God would give me what I wanted—pregnancy and a baby. Everyone would see exactly why it happened the way it did.

Happy Ending

And it seemed to work out that way. Amazing kids joined…

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