When You Are in Between Jobs

| December 3, 2014

“Job transition.” “In between jobs.” “Unemployed.” Whatever you want to call it, these seasons are almost always characterized by doubt about yourself and anxiety about the future. My trial of unemployment was no different. Ten months before I finished grad school, I received a job offer from my dream employer in Washington, D.C. I was elated—I had been praying for this job for six years, doing all I could to present myself as the best possible candidate. And finally, there it was. A job offer that I could hold in my hands. I felt set for decades to come.

It was also a big relief for my then-girlfriend and me. After dating long distance as we lived on opposite sides of the globe and then the country, we were aching to be in the same city. With the job offer, I knew that not only could we settle in Washington, but that I could support her financially. Within about a month of receiving the offer, I got permission from her father and asked my now-wife to marry me. We set the wedding date for two weeks after my graduation. No more “good nights” over the phone. No more “airport goodbyes.”…

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