When You Don’t Love Your Job

Bethany Jenkins | May 9, 2016

“What do you do?” used to be a question I loved answering. For the most part, since I started working almost 17 years ago, I’ve enjoyed my work.

But last week, as I sat across the table from a new friend trying to get to know me and asking this question, I blurted out the only honest thing I could say: “I don’t love my work right now, so it feels strange to tell you about what I do. I don’t think it gives you a good idea of who I am.”

In New York City, where I live, that’s heresy. You are what you do. People don’t come here to marry, have kids, or settle down. They come here in quest of success. They come here to work.

So I whispered my response to her in hushed tones. It felt shameful to feel such disconnect between my job and my identity.

Five Problems with the Passion Hypothesis

In the past few weeks, as I’ve been more open about my vocational uncertainty, some friends have counseled me, saying, “Life’s too short to waste time on work you don’t love. You’re capable and well educated. Quit and find something new.”

When I say I’m…

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