Where’s Your Happiness?

| December 2, 2014

Okay, full disclosure. I had an ugly cry watching VeggieTales. One particular scene in one particular tale—the Christmas classic about Saint Nicholas. Little Nic jumps on a boat to explore the world and find life and meaning after his generous, Jesus-loving parents tragically pass away. Toward the end of his adventure, he stumbles into a church to find a young woman feeding the poor. What she's doing looks familiar to him since it's what he's seen his parents do all his life. And something about this woman's demeanor is right. She has the same contented look his mom and dad had. Nicolas thinks he's found it! If he does what this woman is doing, he'll finally be happy. If he can follow in his parents' footsteps by serving people, his heart will be filled. So little Nic musters up the courage to approach the woman and ask her the big question:

Miss, does this make you happy?

Chuckling, she replies something like, Oh, honey! this doesn't make me happy. I get to do this because God has made me happy.

Cue ugly cry. Through those Veggie tears, sweet gospel truth washed over me. And for the first time that particular day…

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