Why Legalized Prostitution Increases Sex Trafficking

Joe Carter | January 8, 2016

Note: This article is part of an effort to raise awareness of sex trafficking during National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Over the past 15 years there has been an increasing awareness and concern about the scourge of sex trafficking. At no other time in history have so many people acknowledged the problem and taken active measures to stop the abuse. Evangelicals, in particular, have played a prominent role in attempting to end this cruel form of exploitation.

Yet all this effort is being undermined by a misguided campaign intended to advance human rights and individual freedom: the worldwide movement to legalize prostitution.

Many Christians would be surprised to find how the public’s attitude about prostitution has changed over the past several decades. For instance, a poll taken in 1971 found that just 14 percent of Americans thought prostitution should be legal, compared with 86 percent who thought it should be a crime. In 2015, though, Americans were about evenly split on the issue: 44 percent of Americans think prostitution should be legal while 46 percent think it should be illegal. (Democrats tend to support rather than oppose legalization [50 percent to 40 percent] while most Republicans oppose rather than…

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