Why TGC Australia?

| December 30, 2014

Everyone committed to gospel ministry in Australia must be encouraged by the energy for Christian ministry found in good expository preaching and in many strong churches, theological and Bible colleges, Christian publishers, and church planting networks.

Our aim is to facilitate more gospel cohesion in Australia and try to overcome the tyrannies of distance, competition, and tribalism so that people from different churches, states, and ministries are better able to encourage and support each other.

New Network

The Gospel Coalition has managed to bring together a good variety of ministries and interests in a supportive fellowship in North America. TGC also has a valuable website resource that provides support for thinking about and doing gospel ministry. This site very popular with Australians, and many of us use it regularly. 

Over the past few years there have been movements in several American states and Canada to set up local gospel networks. Earlier this year we began conversations with TGC, and the result was that a representative group of people met in August and agreed to set up TGC Australia. This group—which will be the Council of TGC Australia—appointed a steering group comprising Gary Millar from Brisbane, C. S. Tang from…

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