Why You Should Embrace Your Awkwardness

Ivan Mesa | March 10, 2016

While most of us would rather avoid awkward moments, some have learned to embrace them.

Sammy Rhodes, a well-known tweeter who serves as campus minister with Reformed University Fellowship at the University of South Carolina, is the author of the new book This Is Awkward: How Life’s Uncomfortable Moments Open the Door to Intimacy and Connection (Thomas Nelson) [excerpt]. Awkwardness highlights the gap, he contends, between who we are and who we should be, revealing “cracks in our humanity.” Covering uncomfortable subjects such as divorce, sexual sin, and introversion, Rhodes exhorts us:

Resign yourself to the awkwardness of God’s work of grace in you to begin to close that gap while simultaneously making you able to talk about it. Resign yourself to the awkwardness of life. 

I asked Rhodes what advice he’d give to those battling depression, what it’s like being a comedian and campus minister, how he tweeted himself to death, and more.

You write,

I want to be vulnerable. In my best moments, I believe in grace. My hope for this book is that its awkwardness will itself be an invitation to the kind of vulnerability that can only happen if grace is true.

When did you discover that awkwardness can be opportunity to showcase

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