Your Greatest Missional Context—Your Vocation

| March 17, 2016

We know that whatever God is going to do, he is going to do it through his people. As a pastor I believe that if we are going to advance the mission of Jesus, church leaders must commit to putting the mission in the hands of God’s people. Much of what the church is doing is equipping people for their personal lives and ministry within the walls of the church, but I’m convinced God’s people must be equipped for perhaps their greatest missional context—their vocations.

People often see their job as a distraction from true ministry. There are 168 hours in a week, and most Christians are in church for only 1 to 3 of those. We will accelerate Jesus’s mission, then, when we equip and encourage people for that mission during the hours they spend away from church—in their communities and workplaces.

How God Views Work

But before people can live on mission in the marketplace, it’s vital we have a biblical understanding of how God views work. In Genesis we learn that God is a worker, and we were created in his image (Gen. 2:4). He gave the mandate that man should arrange the raw materials of creation for the flourishing of the human community…

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