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  1. Travels of a Translations Secretary in East Africa, Part I
    Wilfred J. Bradnock
  2. Finding Out How Close Related Dialects Are, Part I
    William A. Smalley
  3. The impressions of a participant
    David B. Woodford
  4. Some principles of Bible translation
    Nico Adriani
  5. Notes on the Maltese translation of the Old Testament
    Paul P. Saydon
  6. Mechanics of New Testament translation into Lahu
    Paul Lewis
  7. The pool of Bethesda
    Jerry Vardaman
  8. Questions and orthography in Sango
    William J. Samarin
  9. A Kwara'ae translation of the New Testament
    Norman C. Deck
  10. Grace and justification linked in Kapauku
    Marion Doble
  11. Measuring 'naturalness' in a translation
    Joseph E. Grimes
  12. Native texts and frequency counts as aids to the translator
    Dow Frederick Robinson
  13. 'The name' in prepositional phrases in the New Testament
    Robert G. Bratcher
  14. Word-lists in English: problems of construction
    Herbert Dennett
  15. The story of a popular version in Swedish
    Åge Holter
  16. Huixteco translation problems
    Marion M. Cowan
  17. 'The Lord is my goat hunter'
    Constance Naish and Gillian L. Story
  18. A new translation of the Torah
    Dewey M. Beegle
  19. The story of the Jewish Publication Society's new translation of the Torah
    Harold Louis Ginsberg
  20. Some factors of meaningfulness in reading matter for inexperienced readers
    William L. Wonderly