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  1. Bible, church and people in Tripura state
    Geoffrey E. Marrison
  2. A questionnaire for translators in new languages
    John Beekman
  3. William Carey
    Olivier Beguin, Editor
  4. The meaning of thuein in the New Testament
    George Dunbar Kilpatrick
  5. Thailand translator's conference
    Herbert Purnell
  6. Words easy to be understood: the need for simplified versions of scripture
    David H. Wallington, Editor
  7. The true servant: the Gospel of Mark in simplified English
    Annie Cressman
  8. Some comments on Mark in simplified English
    David H. Wallington
  9. La Version Popular: a new version in simplified Spanish
    William L. Wonderly
  10. Some comments on the popular Spanish version
    J.B.A. Kessler
  11. La version populaire: a new version in simplified French
    William A. Smalley
  12. Some comments on the popular French version
    Olivier Beguin
  13. A new version in simplified Dutch
    John J. Kijne
  14. Some comments on the version in simplified Dutch
    Albertus Frederik Johannes Klijn
  15. Cornelius Van Allen Van Dyck
    Edward A. Van Dyck
  16. Biblical leprosy
    R.G. Cochrane
  17. Diglot scriptures
    Eugene Albert Nida
  18. Biblical research and Old Testament translation
    Henry R. Moeller
  19. [Old Testament quotations in the New Testament, United Bible Societies' Helps for translators vol 3, excerpt from introduction]
    Robert G. Bratcher
  20. Some translation problems in Navajo
    Faye Edgerton