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  1. Spelling dificulties in Sranan
    Jan Voorhoeve
  2. Bible translation in the Lushai Hills
    F.J. Raper
  3. The Santali union version of the New Testament
    R.M. MacPhail
  4. Difficult words and phrases
    J.L. Swellengrebel
  5. New help for translators
    Eugene Albert Nida
  6. Workshop in translation theory
    Joseph E. Grimes
  7. Changes in the New Testament of the Revised Standard Version
    Robert G. Bratcher
  8. Biblical words in Indian languages: report of conference held at Jabalpur, October 3-9 1960
    Harold Keeling Moulton
  9. The Wycliffe language course: 'my impressions'
    Colin Price
  10. 'Leprosy' and the Bible: conclusion
    David H. Wallington
  11. Questions and answers: Psalms / by Moulton, Harold Keeling...[et al.]
    Harold Keeling Moulton
  12. The New English Bible, New Testament
    Robert G. Bratcher
  13. Reina-Valera Spanish revision of 1960
    Eugene Albert Nida
  14. The Korean Bible: A Liguistic Diagnosis
    Nosoon Kwak
  15. Language and Psychology
    Eugene A. Nida
  16. Textual Criticism and the Textual Basis of a Translation of the Old Testament
    Bertil Albrektson
  17. A Second Look at the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament
    J. Keith Elliott
  18. Parallelism in the New Testament - Needed: A New Bishop of Lowth
    Kenneth E. Bailey
  19. The Interpretation and Translation of Constructions with a Passive Meaning in the Greek of the Synoptic Gospels
    Donald S. Deer
  20. The United Bible Societies' Hebrew Old Testament Text Project
    Clemens Locher