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  1. From the Harp to the Sitar
    Howard A. Hatton and David J. Clark
  2. The Leningrad Bible Group
    K.I. Logachev
  3. Tbe Problems or Russiun Bible Translation at the Beginning of tbe Twentieth Century
    K.I. Logachev
  4. What Went 0verboard First?
    David C. Clark
  5. On Translating and Interpreting Galatians 1.13
    Arland J. Hultgren
  6. The New Jewish Version of the Scriptures
    Keith R. Crim
  7. Translating the Poetry of the Old Testament
    William A. Smalley
  8. Understanding what we are translating and translating to be understood
    Jean-Marc Babut
  9. Non-literal meanings I: How to recognize them and use them effectively in translation
    Jacob A. Loewen
  10. Some Observations regarding the argument, structure, and literary characteristics of the Gospel of John
    Barclay M. Newman
  11. 'Spirit' and 'Soul' in the New Testament
    R.W.F. Wootton
  12. The Praise Singers
  13. How Old was Anna?
    Mathew P. John
  14. Psalms in Serbian popular verse
    Aleksandr Bierwisch
  15. Translating the questions in Isaiah 50
    Herbert G. Grether
  16. Old Testament personalities in the New Testament
    Mathew P. John
  17. Linguistics and theology: an attempt to analyze and evaluate James Barr's argumentation
    K. Arvid Tângberg
  18. Hebrew direct discourse as a translation problem
    Keith R. Crim
  19. Determining comprehension between related languages/dialects
    Mary W.J. Tay
  20. Report on the first seminar on the science of translation
    W. Wilss