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  1. More about the imperatival hina
    Donald S. Deer
  2. Preparing selections: specialized translations
    Norman Mundhenk
  3. Problems encountered in translating the New Testament into modern Cambodian
    Jean Clavaud
  4. A new Bible translation for Sweden--ten years of preparation
    Birger Olsson
  5. Venda semantics - II: terms reflecting primarily one feature from the traditional point of view
    Jacobus Albertus Van Rooy
  6. On the restructuring of discourse
    Philip C. Stine
  7. Biblical metaphors and their translation
    Jan de Waard
  8. Readability tests for Arabic
    Carol C. Mock
  9. Translation into Thai poetry
    Howard A. Hatton
  10. EIS and EN in John
    John J. O'Rourke
  11. The Old-Slavonic version of the New Testament
    Christian Hannick
  12. What are literacy selections
    Eugene Albert Nida
  13. Matthew 2.23 - Wordplay and Misleading Translations
    W. Barnes Tatum
  14. Translation of Questions and Prohibitions in Greek
    Andrew P. Fernando
  15. Scientific Insights to be Gained from Bible Translating
    Eugene A. Nida
  16. George Steiner: After Babel, Aspects of Language and Translation
    Georges Mounin
  17. Non-literal Meanings: Practical Suggestions for Translators
    Jacobs A. Loewen
  18. Matthew 1.1-18: Some Comments and a Suggested Restructuring
    Barclay M. Newman
  19. Some Problems of Being Natural and Producing the Right Meaning
    David J.Clark
  20. Translating the Word for 'Soul' in the Old Testament
    Heber F. Peacock