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  1. Why Should Someone Commit to a Church? What Does It Mean to Commit to a Church?

    Joshua Harris

  2. Why the Great Commission Is Great

    David Platt

    2013 TGC Missions Conference |
  3. Why You Can Rely On the Canon

    Mark Mellinger and Michael Kruger

  4. Will Everyone Be Saved? If Not, Why Not?

    Tim Keller

  5. Question 1: What Is Our Only Hope in Life and Death?

    Tim Keller

  6. Question 10: What Does God Require in the Fourth and Fifth Commandments?

    Tim Keller

  7. Question 11: What Does God Require in the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Commandments?

    Stephen Um

  8. Question 12: What Does God Require in the Ninth and Tenth Commandments?

    Thabiti Anyabwile

  9. Question 13: Can Anyone Keep the Law of God Perfectly?

    Leo Schuster

  10. Question 14: Did God Create Us Unable to Keep His Law?

    David Bisgrove

  11. Question 15: Since No One Can Keep the Law, What is the Purpose?

    Ligon Duncan

  12. Question 16: What Is Sin?

    John Lin

  13. Question 17: What Is Idolatry?

    Tim Keller

  14. Question 18: Will God Allow Our Disobedience and Idolatry to Go Unpunished?

    Alistair Begg

  15. Question 19: Is There Any Way to Escape Punishment and Be Brought Back into God's Favor?

    Crawford Loritts

  16. Question 20: Who is the Redeemer?

    Mark Dever

  17. Question 21: What Sort of Redeemer is Needed to Bring Us Back to God?

    Joshua Harris

  18. Question 22: Why Must the Redeemer Be Truly Human?

    Thabiti Anyabwile

  19. Question 23: Why Must the Redeemer Be Truly God?

    Leo Schuster

  20. Question 24: Why Was It Necessary for Christ, the Redeemer, to Die?

    Mark Dever