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  1. The New Testament in Ten Minutes

    Andy Naselli

  2. Shepherds, Listen Well

    Jared Wilson

  3. The Old Testament in Ten Minutes

    Jason DeRouchie

  4. Calvin and His Ailments: Pastoral Productivity in the Midst of Pain

    Michael Horton

  5. How in the World Do People Change Anyway?

    Paul Tripp

  6. The Pastor As Lead Affirmer

    Sam Crabtree

  7. Best Lessons from a Lifetime of Pastoring

    Sinclair Ferguson

  8. A Godward Life

    Lydia Brownback and Jennie Allen

  9. A Movement of Personalities

    Collin Hansen, Owen Strachan, and Justin Taylor

  10. Art, Conscience, and Theological McCarthyism

    Mike Cosper, Scotty Smith, and Greg Thornbury

  11. Bad Art and the Tortured Beauty of the Cross

    Mike Cosper, Scotty Smith, and Greg Thornbury

  12. Baptized Four Times

    J.D. Greear, Greg Gilbert, and Trevin Wax

  13. Can't Afford to Be Color Blind

    John Piper and Collin Hansen

  14. Caring for Victims of Sexual Abuse

    Trillia Newbell, Scotty Smith, and Justin Holcomb

  15. Causality and Counseling

    David Powlison and Nancy Guthrie

  16. Chasing Comfort in All the Wrong Places

    Nancy Guthrie, Lauren Chandler, and Gloria Furman

  17. Christian Scholars in the Secular Academy

    Richard Lints and Michael Horton

  18. City of Man: An Interview with Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner

    Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner

  19. Complementarianism Without the Traditionalism

    Jennie Allen, Mary Kassian, and Nancy Leigh DeMoss

  20. Confronting the Racial Sins of Our Fathers

    Collin Hansen and John Piper