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  1. Japanese Buddhism

    J.L. Atkinson

  2. The Doctrinal Attitude of Old School Presbyrterians

    Lyman H. Attwater

  3. The First Century of Protestant Missions in India

    John Avery

  4. The Death of Jesus Christ; Its Psysiological Significance

    Wm. O. Ayres

  5. Lawlessness and Law Enforcement

    Charles B. Wilcox

  6. How Does the Proposed Act of Union Affected Congregationalism

    Theodore D. Bacon

  7. The Doctrine of the Kingdom in Matthew 13

    Mark L. Bailey

  8. The Gospel of Cana

    David Baines-Griffiths

  9. Gethsemene: The Fulfuillment of Prophecy

    E. St. G. Baldwin

  10. The Early British and Irish Churches

    John D. Baldwin

  11. Contributions From the History of Religions to the New Testament

    J.M.S. Baljon

  12. Predictive Participles With VErbs in the Aorist

    Wm. G. Ballantine

  13. 'Lovest Thou Me'

    William G. Ballantine

  14. The Book of Job

    Wm. G. Ballentine

  15. Attirbutive Aorist Participles in Protasis, the New Testament

    W.G. Ballentine

  16. The Religious Life and Opinions of John Milton

    A.D. Barber

  17. The Religious Life and Opinions of John Milton

    A.D. Barber

  18. Value of Ugaritic for Old Testament studies

    Kenneth L. Barker

  19. The Atonement and the Time-Spirit

    Stephen G. Barnes

  20. The Christian Religion and the Christian Miracles

    Stephen G. Barnes