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  1. Question 22: Why Must the Redeemer Be Truly Human?
    Thabiti Anyabwile
  2. Question 23: Why Must the Redeemer Be Truly God?
    Leo Schuster
  3. Question 24: Why Was It Necessary for Christ, the Redeemer, to Die?
    Mark Dever
  4. Question 25: Does Christ's Death Mean All Our Sins Can Be Forgiven?
    Alistair Begg
  5. Question 26: What Else Does Christ's Death Redeem?
    Stephen Um
  6. Question 27: Are All People, Just as They Were Lost Through Adam, Saved Through Christ?
    Tim Keller
  7. Question 28: What Happens After Death to Those Not United to Christ by Faith?
    John Lin
  8. Question 29: How Can We Be Saved?
    Kevin DeYoung
  9. Question 3: How Many Persons Are There in God?
    Kevin DeYoung
  10. Question 30: What Is Faith in Jesus Christ?
    John Yates
  11. Question 31: What Do We Believe by True Faith?
    D. A. Carson
  12. Question 32: What Do Justification and Sanctification Mean?
    John Piper
  13. Question 33: Should Those Who Have Faith in Christ Seek Their Salvation Through Their Own Works?
    Tim Keller
  14. Question 34: Since We Are Redeemed by Grace Alone, Through Christ Alone, Must We Still Do Good Works?
    Ligon Duncan
  15. Question 35: Since We Are Redeemed by Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone, Where Does This Faith Come From?
    Crawford Loritts
  16. When We Suffer, When to Disobey
    Albert Mohler, Timothy Keller, and John Yates
  17. When You're Too Busy to Be Godly
    Kevin DeYoung and Mark Mellinger
  18. Where Does "Born Again" Language Come From? What Does It Mean?
    Juan Sanchez
  19. Where Does Born Again Language Come From? What Does It Mean?
    Peter Cha
  20. Who Governs the Church?
    Thabiti Anyabwile and Ligon Duncan