9 Keys to Reaching College Students

Dave Wright | January 17, 2012

There are three well-established facts regarding Christianity and college students that ought to capture the attention of any gospel-loving pastor:

1. College is a time of unprecedented openness to all things, including the gospel.

2. Many awakenings, both major and minor, have started through college students.

3. There is a disturbing age gap in many of our congregations caused by the absence of this group.

We learned the following nine lessons along the way as our college ministry grew and flourished in an area that features many prominent universities.

1. Whatever you do, don't shy away from depth.

Students are not dumb; nor are the college professors filling their minds five days a week. These students are being challenged with deep questions, and simplistic answers not only fail to persuade them, but actually make them more skeptical of Christianity. So take them deep, and do it often. In almost every sermon we try to have an "apologetic moment," where the preacher explains how this or that biblical truth counters the cultural norms they absorb in their college. The most popular series we have done have related to straight, deep answers to challenging questions.

Furthermore, teach the hard stuff—like what…

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