10 Marks of a Grace-Alone Church

Carl Trueman | October 25, 2017

Also in TGC’s series on the Reformation’s five solas:

As we look back to the sola gratia cry of the Reformation, it is helpful to ask ourselves: What would a “grace alone” church look like today? What would characterize its life as a church? How might we recognize such a church when we see it?

The answer to these questions falls into two parts: doctrinal and practical. But these parts are closely connected. Here, I offer 10 points that show the interconnection and give hints as to the identity of a sola gratia church. A grace-alone church . . .

1. Takes sin seriously.

Grace is not simply a sentiment or attitude in God. It is God’s concrete response to human sin. This means a proper understanding of grace depends on a prior, proper understanding of sin and the human predicament.

No grace-filled church will be unclear about the problem grace is meant to address.

If we attend church to feel good about ourselves or to learn some tips…

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