10 Steps for Interracial Relationships that Advance the Gospel

George Robertson | June 3, 2015

A few years ago I went to The Gospel Coalition colloquium with a broken heart. I had spent nearly a decade pursuing racial reconciliation in Augusta, Georgia, and seeing what I thought was real progress, only to see the whole city seem to retreat to its historic entrenchments. After asking several friends on the Council for advice, Ed Copeland volunteered to come to Augusta and help me. It’s a longer story for another time, but the Lord is getting glory through our feeble efforts of putting ourselves in the way to be used by the Spirit.

Another surprising grace, however, was how quickly and deeply our friendship developed as a result of putting our shoulders together for a common task for the kingdom. Our friendship also happens to be interracial. Through this David and Jonathan experience I have learned some things about interracial relationships and how the Lord can leverage them to advance the gospel.

1. Pray

Our efforts must begin with prayer, and we pray with confidence in Jesus’s name because it brings him pleasure for the cross to unify the most unlikely parties. I would suggest praying at least for the following graces:

  • To be wise as a serpent toward your own and others’ motives, and innocent as…

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