105 People Die Each Minute

Thabiti Anyabwile | October 24, 2016

We’re about 10 weeks from gathering in Indianapolis for the CROSS student missions conference. The aim is to mobilize students for the most dangerous and loving cause in the universe: rescuing people from eternal suffering and bringing them into the everlasting joy of knowing and worshiping Jesus.

Why do people need rescuing? Because hell is real.

Hell Is Real

Some professing Christians would rather skip all the “unseemly” bits about eternal judgment at the hands of a wrathful God. In the mildest form, these Christians are uncomfortable about this teaching. They don’t deny it; they simply wish it wasn’t there. In the most strident form, these Christians may reject the doctrine of hell altogether as unworthy a loving God and perhaps a throwback to less enlightened eras.

But what if we believe what we say we believe about the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible? Then from Moses to the Lord Jesus’s earthly ministry to the concluding scenes of Revelation, the Bible confronts us with this harrowing truth: Hell is real. Souls are punished there. Escape is impossible. And it lasts forever.

It’s almost too much to think about. How many millions and millions of souls now suffer God’s just punishment for their rebellion…

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