13 End Times Errors to Avoid

Chris Brauns | May 3, 2016

“The great doctrine of the second advent has in a sense fallen into disrepute because of . . . this tendency on the part of some to be more interested in the how and the when of the second coming rather than in the fact of the second coming.” – Martyn Lloyd-Jones

From the Greek word eskatos, eschatology is the doctrine of “last things” or, better stated, the “goal-oriented redemptive work of the last One.” As Greg Beale points out in the excellent new book Making All Things New: Inaugurated Eschatology for the Life of the Church (Baker Academic, 2016), eschatology does not simply include future events; it subsumes what Jesus inaugurated with his first advent. 

Eschatology is all about Jesus. While he has already paid the price for sin and victoriously risen from the grave, he has not yet returned. When he does, we will be with him forever (1 Thess. 4:18). Christians should encourage one another with these words and study eschatology with hope and joy.

Unfortunately, believers often cycle through a stock list of end-times errors. These mistakes discredit gospel proclamation and rob Christians of the blessings and wisdom God gives from meditating on this area of truth.

Here are 13 end-times errors…

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