2 Neglected Truths About Outreach

| March 19, 2015

There are two fundamental truths about outreach that we must remember, and we must teach to one another.

If we don’t, we—and our churches—will hold back from fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission to “go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:20).


Here’s the first truth: People are hostile to the gospel—sometimes politely, sometimes not, but hostile. So if we are going to talk to people about Jesus, we are going to get hurt. It is going to risk our relationships and lose us respect. So we will face the temptation either to stop saying anything, or to change what we say. I think that’s the main reason (other than complacency) why we don’t do personal evangelism. Most Christians, when they first come to faith, want to tell others. Why wouldn’t you? But sooner or later—and in the West, it’s happening increasingly sooner—someone mocks you, wounds you, or dislikes you. And so we think: I don’t want to get hit, and this keeps getting me hit, so something must be going wrong here. I’ll stop doing this.

But Jesus said this hostility is normal. When he sent his disciples out on their own for the first time to tell others about him, here’s how he…

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