20 Lessons in 20 Years of Pastoral Ministry

Brian Croft | August 7, 2015

I recently celebrated 20 years of serving in vocational ministry of some kind. I spent my first eight years serving as an associate pastor in several different churches, and I’ve spent the last 12 as a senior pastor. I’ve learned many lessons throughout these years—many of them through pain and suffering.

Here are 20 lessons I’ve learned over the past 20 years.

1. God’s Word Is Sufficient to Build Christ’s Church

On my first Sunday as senior pastor, I sat alone in the sanctuary wondering if the doors would be open in a year. I realized all my cleverness and worldly wisdom couldn’t stop the decline. But I knew God, by his Spirit and through his Word, was sufficient to build and revitalize his church. Over a decade later, I’ve watched him do this very thing.

2. The Gospel Is Powerful Enough to Change Lives

Programs, gimmicks, and personalities don’t change people’s hearts. Nor do they invigorate churches that have been in decline for over 30 years. For the last two decades, I’ve watched the gospel free people from the bondage of sin and give hope to the hopeless. I’ve watched it unite old and young, black and white, rich and poor. The good news has brought our church back to life. Indeed, it is powerful enough to change lives and revitalize any local…

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