2016 TGC Book Awards

Collin Hansen and Ivan Mesa | December 13, 2016

We may live in a “post-truth” era, awash in “fake news.” But that just means Christians will stand out as heralds of good news about the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). One way we’ll do so is by devoting ourselves to writing and reading books about the Book. That’s why The Gospel Coalition reviews more than 300 titles each year between our academic journal Themelios and our regular channel

This year we unveil our inaugural TGC Book Awards. Working with Council members and key contributors, our editors have each identified one winner and one runner-up book in an area they regularly cover for TGC. We solicited nominations from various publishers, considered them alongside other noteworthy titles, narrowed the finalists to four for each category, sent those titles to the judges, and awaited their decisions. 

Criteria for selecting the winners include:

  • Offers gospel-centered argument and application.
  • Includes faithful and foundational use of Scripture, both Old Testament and New Testament.
  • Fosters spiritual discernment of contemporary trials and trends.
  • Encourages efforts to unite and renew the church.

Indeed, these are the criteria we use for the books, articles, and curriculum we publish ourselves. We’re grateful to be joined in this weighty task of teaching and…

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