3 Common Dangers Church Planters Face

Thomas D. Hawkes | March 4, 2017

Planting a church is no easy task. New church planters often ask about problems and challenges they might face in the early years.

We could easily list a dozen or more common problems, but three would be near the top for many new church planters: a leadership problem, an emotional problem, and an outreach problem. 

Being aware of these three issues can help a planter avoid paralyzing frustration and lead to a healthier first few months or years.  

1. Leadership Problem: Laying on Hands Too Soon 

In the dynamic environment of church planting, most planters are overworked and eager to delegate. They tend to delegate to almost anyone willing to take one of the many assignments:  running children’s ministry, teaching small groups, coordinating setup teams, helping lead musical worship, spearheading community outreach. With hundreds of volunteer hours needed to establish a vital ministry, the church planter is tempted to lower his standards and let any warm body serve or lead.

When church planters report their worst mistakes, one of the most common is: “I laid hands on too soon. Even though I knew it was a major risk, I fell into the trap.”  

Paul warned against ordaining leaders before they’re ready—“Do not be hasty…

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