3 Factors for Flourishing Student Ministry on the Arabian Peninsula

Andrew Packer | June 24, 2015

As the call to prayer blares from the centrally located mosque on campus, 20 university students are gradually filling a large study room in the library for a weekly Bible discussion. It's one of three on this campus each week. But what's particularly striking about this group is that the majority of those in attendance are Muslims. The third weekly meeting was added because of a request from the president of the Muslim Student Association. There are a few with Hindu and nominal Christian backgrounds mixed in. Eight different nationalities are represented.

For the next hour, first-year Egyptian student Maged leads the group in discussing Luke 7:36-50, which recounts Jesus in the home of Simon the Pharisee. The participants all read from the biblical passage printed on plain sheets of paper passed around the table. Each is allowed to make comments and draw his own conclusions about Jesus and only pressed to be consistent and reasonable in his conclusions based on what the text actually says. The discussion is rousing and electric. Most of those in attendance have never read the Bible, and only one or two have ever owned one. As the discussion draws to a close, the leader asks about the implied identity of Jesus…

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