3 Reasons You Need Expository Apologetics

Voddie Baucham | March 22, 2016

Expository apologetics—the practice of answering objections with the power of God’s Word—is for everyone.

First, it’s for the unbeliever. This is the person both ignorant of and antagonistic toward the gospel. This audience requires an evangelist.

Second, it’s for the churchgoer. This is the person, whether converted or unconverted, sitting under the regular preaching and teaching of the Word. This audience requires a preacher/ teacher.

Third, it’s for the disciple. This person is brand new to the things of God. This is the child being raised in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4), or the new convert unlearning and relearning everything he thinks he knows. This audience requires a discipler.

1. The Evangelist as Expository Apologist  

The evangelist is confident, energetic, engaging, and active in bringing the gospel to bear in conversations with non-Christians. For him, expository apologetics is an invaluable tool. He must be equipped and prepared to confront ideas that stand opposed to the Christian world-and-life view.

Whether we’re evangelists, preachers/teachers, or disciples, our goal is the same. As expository apologists, we point people to Christ and call them to repent and believe. We’re constantly showing people how foolish and dangerous it is to trust…

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