3 Reasons Your Small Group Is Not the Church

Sam Allberry | September 8, 2016

Small group ministry is vital for many churches. Groups of around ten believers can be among the best contexts for discussing Scripture, sharing needs, and finding support and praying for one another. In a larger church, there may not be the same opportunity to interact at this level during the main Sunday gathering. We are in a swirl of people, conversations are snatched and bitty, and we are conscious of the need to welcome visitors.

It can be hard to get down to more personal and meaningful contact. Much vital “one another” ministry, then, takes place in small groups. Being with the same gang week in and week out means relationships are established and deepened more quickly. We have the space and context for insights to be shared, and for life’s problems and difficulties to be addressed in an unhurried manner.

It can be easy for a small group to become the main focus of its members’ spiritual lives. In effect, the group can become the church.

This is perhaps understandable, but not desirable. Small group meetings shouldn’t function as a replacement for the Sunday gathering. If your small group becomes your church, you are missing out on much.

Of course, in contexts where…

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