3 Reasons Your Youth Leader Needs Seminary Training

Cameron Cole | March 9, 2017

If I could offer one piece of advice to churches about hiring and supporting youth pastors, it would likely be this: “Once you sense that the youth pastor is going to work out, enroll him in a distance seminary program as soon as possible.”

The money and time my church has invested in my education through Reformed Theological Seminary’s distance program may be the single best contribution they’ve made to my ministry. And through plenty of conversations with others, I’ve found that churches who enroll and support their youth pastors in these programs win big.

Here are three reasons why I’m convinced seminary distance learning is a promising resource for both churches and youth pastors.

1. Churches that can’t maintain continuity in youth ministry leadership will struggle to be effective.

Two churches of exactly the same context, size, and denomination come to mind. Despite their similarities, one’s youth ministry is four-times larger than the other. It has a strong reputation for developing kids with mature faith.

What’s the primary difference? The larger youth group has had two leaders in the last 20 years. The smaller has gone through six in the last 10. Continuity and stability aren’t the only factors, of course, but they’ve certainly played a significant role.

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