3 Steps for Meditating on Scripture in Small Groups

Jeremy Linneman | September 28, 2015

In our small groups, we can encourage one another in a number of spiritual rhythms—Bible study, confession, prayer, and so on. But how might our small groups actually learn together how to meditate on God’s Word?

It can be a goal of our small groups to not just increase biblical knowledge and encourage private devotional reading, but to actually cultivate and practice devotional Scripture reading—reading for the purpose of increased fellowship with God—together. Devotional Scripture reading, or biblical meditation, has often been described as a middle road between reading and prayer: our minds are engaged in God’s Word, yet our words come directly from our heart and are expressed to our Father in prayer.

Learning to Meditate Together

For centuries biblical meditation has been practiced both individually and communally—and we can restore this practice in our small groups today. The church fathers spoke of “descending with the mind into the heart”—a helpful phrase describing biblical meditation. Meditation engages the mind by focusing it on God’s Word. In the midst of a thousand concerns and thoughts, it directs our minds to stillness on God’s Word in his presence. Like a centripetal force, meditating on Scripture slowly pulls us inward toward the center of communion with God.

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