3 Things to Learn from Olympians David Boudia and Steele Johnson

Davis Lacey | August 20, 2016

As the world bids farewell to the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, I’m reflecting on the ways God has been displayed through them.

On the one hand, he has been appealed to in countless prayers, affirmations, and sign-of-the-cross rituals—some sincere pleas for intervention, others likely superstitious attempts at divine brownie points. On the other hand, the tendency to replace God has been displayed over and over again, too—when athletes have suggested their significance is in their success or when personal identities have crumbled in the wake of defeat.

In my mind, nowhere has God been more uniquely displayed than in the testimony of divers David Boudia and Steele Johnson.

After clinching silver medals in the Synchronized 10m Platform Diving event, David Boudia and Steele Johnson were interviewed by NBC’s Kelly Stavast. There is no “newfound elation” brought on by victory, nor the deflated exasperation that often follows defeat. The two display satisfaction—satisfaction of a variety that seems to transcend any momentary circumstance. It doesn’t take long for the divers to identify the source of their joyful stability; each man insists his ultimate identity is not defined by performance or status, but rather is “rooted in Christ.”

Here are three things we can learn from the divers’ remarks.

1. It is

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