3 Transforming Truths About Your Work

Tom Nelson | April 11, 2017

Few things define and shape us more than the work we do. Work is how we make a living, and to a large degree how we make a life. Work is where many of our skills and talents are developed and sharpened. Many of our most important relationships are formed and forged in the context of our work. Yet whether we are a carpenter, a teacher, a physician, a corporate executive, a caregiver, or a small business owner, we all struggle with the inevitable difficulties and frustrations of work.

After a long day at the office, or on our way home from the tiring clamor of the workshop, we often face melancholy in our moments of reflection. Whether we have achieved the pinnacle of career success or have experienced the deep valleys of job failure, a sense of emptiness may haunt us.

Is there more to life than this? Does my work really matter? How can I better connect my work with gospel faith?

The good news is that the Bible speaks a great deal not only about our worship on Sunday but also about our work on Monday. From Genesis to Revelation, three transforming truths emerge that help us close the…

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