3 Ways a Gospel-Centered Preacher Can Miss the Gospel

Cole Brown | October 4, 2017

In recent years, there has been a rapidly growing interest in gospel-centered preaching. With the help of the internet and its resources, many preachers like myself have been transformed by the examples of Tim Keller, Art Azurdia, Anthony Carter, and countless others. We have come to believe, like them, that every sermon should faithfully connect that week's text and theme to the gospel. Those of us who hold to this philosophy do so because it is consistent with Jesus’s teaching in Luke 24 and with the ministry approach modeled by the apostles throughout the New Testament.

Yet, as with any philosophy, it is often easier to believe in theory than to implement in practice. Here are three ways those committed to gospel-centered preaching can unintentionally fail to preach the gospel.

1. Preaching Jesus ≠ Preaching the Gospel

One can preach about Jesus every week and never touch the gospel. On the surface this sounds ridiculous, since the message of the gospel is the good news of who Jesus is (God in human flesh) and what Jesus has done (lived sinlessly, died sacrificially, rose victoriously, and ascended finally to the Father’s right hand). Yet it is surprisingly easy to talk about Jesus without…

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