3 Ways the Pro-Life Movement Can Help End Abortion

Scott Klusendorf | January 21, 2017

During a ministry symposium in 1984, I heard a Christian historian say he thought the Berlin Wall would come down in 10 years.

I nearly laughed out loud. As it turns out, he was wrong. It came down in five years.

Despite the bleak picture we see all around us, I’m convinced the pro-life cause isn’t nearly so bleak when our message is clearly communicated. Though I don’t think we’re in for a quick fix, it’s apparent pro-lifers are making an impact.

I don’t pretend to have a sufficient strategy for winning the abortion battle. Strategies come and go, and most are discarded before the ink is dry. But I do believe there are some necessary steps we must take if we’re going to win. Here are three we can begin implementing right now.

1. Recruit more full-time pro-life apologists.

“There are more people working full-time to kill babies than there are working full-time to save them,” observes Gregg Cunningham, director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. “That’s because killing babies is very profitable while saving them is very costly. So costly that large numbers of Americans who say they oppose abortion are not lifting a finger to stop it. And those…

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