3 Ways to Deepen Small Group Prayer

Kristen Wetherell | January 20, 2017

We sat around the warm fireplace, journals open, pens ready, eyes eagerly awaiting the wisdom of our women’s ministry director. We’d gathered for a night of reflection, learning, and sharing. The first semester of small group had flown by; now was the time for the leaders to consider how it had gone. Did the women seem to be growing in their faith? Was there an eagerness to read the Word? Were the women committing to the life of the church?

Our director proceeded to touch on the subject of prayer. What was the temperature in the groups? Was getting prayer requests from our women like pulling teeth? Or were the women eager to share their hearts with each other?

Aunt Martha Prayers

Many of us agreed prayer time felt like a trip to the dentist. We had too many “Aunt Martha” prayers.

Aunt Martha prayers—you know them. These are the prayer requests that evade any hint of vulnerability, whether struggles or joys, focusing instead on “my sick Aunt Martha. Please pray for her health.”

A side note before I continue: Asking for prayer on behalf of other people is a wonderful thing. It reveals a sympathetic heart of someone who is thinking of others’ needs before her…

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