3 Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Jen Pollock Michel | January 11, 2017

Every January, the calendar turns, and the year arrives like freshly fallen snow (in Toronto, at least). There aren’t regrets and failures to muddy the landscape, just the seemingly endless horizon of possibility. As this new year began, I didn’t set out ninja goals for personal transformation, but I did make two resolutions: I would read a poem every day and forego the internet before 8 a.m. (I wake at 5.) Almost two weeks into 2017, I can happily report the self-imposed digital boundaries are holding. I can also confess that by January 5, I had yet to crack a poetry book.

Studies show approximately 50 percent of us make New Year’s resolutions. The majority commit to losing weight, though almost 25 percent of us have returned our late-night snacking by the first week’s end. According to one grim estimation, only 8 percent of “resolutioners” actually achieve the goals they set—although one study confirms setting a goal makes a person 10 times more likely to achieve it.

It’s not entirely obvious why a Christian should even make resolutions. As Scripture testifies, lasting personal change depends entirely on God’s work in us to “will and to work for his good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13). That said, participation is necessary in life with God…

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