3 Ways to Preach Heaven

Colin Smith | February 26, 2016

People sometimes talk about living the ultimate life right now. This belief—that we can somehow make the best life possible for ourselves here on earth—has become popular, even among Christians.

But this is only possible if we’re going to hell.

If hell is your future, your best life is now. But if headed for heaven, your best life is still to come. If you’re outside of Christ, in other words, this life is as good as it gets. But if you’re in Christ, your pain in this world is the only pain you’ll ever experience, and your struggles now are the only ones you’ll ever endure.

As Scott Sauls puts it, “If your hope is anchored in Jesus, the worst-case future scenario for you is resurrection and everlasting life.”

Why Preach Heaven? 

As pastors, we are responsible to remind our people that the best is yet to be. When the burdens of life weigh them down, we can declare with confidence that it’s better to suffer any illness or sorrow in Christ than to enjoy any comfort or pleasure without him.

When we counsel believers who feel disoriented, displaced, and disconnected, or when we come alongside people who don’t feel at home in their own bodies, we can tell them that…

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