3 Ways Women in Ministry Can Humbly Submit to Church Leaders

Gloria Furman | November 11, 2015

Question received: Since pastoral oversight is so important, but my pastor sees women’s ministry as “fluffy” and activity driven, how can I help change his perspective while also honoring him as my pastor?

In the course of ministry and editing Word-Filled Women’s Ministry, co-editor Kathleen Nielson and I heard many women grieve over their pastors’ lack of support for women’s ministry. But we’ve also heard many cheerfully report ministry among women is thriving because of their pastors’ involvement.

I appreciate how this question has been asked. There’s a desire to honor the pastor and submit to his oversight, as well as to facilitate biblically grounded ministry among women. Godly pastoral leadership is crucial for the health not only of a congregation, but also of every organized ministry and individual member. The need for women’s ministry to be biblically-grounded has been demonstrated elsewhere in this series.

Here I want to speak to the “help change the pastor’s perspective” part of this question and offer some practical suggestions, all of which spring from the foundation of God’s Word. In Word-Filled Women’s Ministry, Cindy Cochrum writes about Scripture’s admonition for us to honor our leaders:

But what if . . . this strong connection between church leadership and women’s ministry is not a…

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